C 130 Hercules

Jordan,Aqaba Bay

In 1956 the first Hercules transport airplanes rolled out of the Lockheed Martin factories, and since then these airplanes have been used in many of the world's countries, both in military and civil service. Jordan had six of these airplanes, and in 2016 one of them was taken out of service and transferred to the company Aquaba Special Economic Zone Authority. 16. November 2017 she was scuttled after being emptied of fuel and instruments to advance diving interests and the creation of an artificial reef. The wreck rest on a depth of approximately 12 to 18 meter, about three hundred meters from shore outside Aqaba city.

Former names:
C 130 Hercules

97,9 x 132,7 x 38,3 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
34,3 tons ( empty )
( US )
Akaba ( JO )

Picture: C130 E Hercules
Courtesy of US Air Force, Public domain

Last updated: June 2018