Chrisoula K

Egypt,Red Sea

Dora Oldendorrf was laid down at Orenstein, Koppel & Luebekker in Lübeck and launched in 1953 for the German company Oldendorrf. She was in 1979 sold to the company Clarion Marine Company in Cyprus and renamed Chrisoula K. Under a journey from Italy to Saudi Arabia loaded with tiles she hit ground at Sha’ab Abu Nuhas 30.August 1981. The crew was rescued by the Egyptian navy and Chrisoula K sank later that same day. The wreck rest today on a depth of 4 to 28 meter northeast of Sha’ab Abu Nuhas.

Former names:
Chrisoula K
Dora Oldendorrf, Anna B
98,0 x 14,8 x 9,0 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3720 grt
Lübeck ( D ) 1953
( CY )

27 34 53" N, 33 55 55"E
( Source: Tour Egypt )

Picture: Chrisoula K
From video by Underwater World

Last updated: May 2019