Giannis D

Egypt,Red Sea

Shoya Maru was laid down at Kuryshima Dock & Company K.K in Japan, and was launched in 1969 for the Japanese company Yamato Kisen. She was sold in 1975 to Greek owners and renamed Markos. Five years later she again changed hands, and was renamed to Giannis D and operated by the company Dumarc Shiiping in Piraeus. Under a journey from Rijeka to Hodeida loaded with wood, she hit ground after a navigational error at Sha’ab Abu Nuhas 19. April 1978. Firmly stuck on the reef, the crew abandoned ship.  She was stuck on the reef for several weeks before she broke in two parts and sank. The remains of her rest today on a depth of approximately 10 to 28 meter northwest of Sha’ab Abu Nuhas.

Former names:
Giannis D
Shoya Maru, Markus, Markos D 99,5 x 16,0 x 6,5 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2932 grt
 Imabari ( JP ) 1969 Piraeus ( GR )