Million Hope

Egypt,Red Sea

Ryusei Maru was built in Hiroshima in Japan, and was launched in June 1972. She changed owners and names several times during her career, before she ended up operated by Aksomas Shipping Company Ltd in Cyprus named Million Hope. Under a journey from Jordan to Taiwan loaded with phosphate she hit ground at Naqb in the morning 20.June 1996. The cargo was salvaged in the following days before she sank to a depth of 20 to 25 meter. The wreck of Million Hope rest today on her keel right next to the reef Naqb outside Sharm El-Sheihk in straits of Tiran.

Former names:
Million Hope
Ryusei Maru, Pacific Royal
Linngsbon, Feng Sun, Hope
174,6 x 24,9 x 10,0 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
16339 grt
Hiroshima ( JP ) 1972
Limassol ( CY )

28 03' 42" N, 34 26' 40"E
( Source: Tour Egypt )

Picture: Million Hope
  From Youtube video by Chris

Last updated: January 2021