Rosalie Moller

Egypt,Red Sea

In 1941 there was a great need for "Best Welsh" coal in Egypt, and Rosalie Moller received an overhaul of her engines before she was given the task of getting coal to Alexandria. In September 1941 she arrived in the Red Sea and was ordered to wait in "Safe Anchorage H" and await further instructions. Normally these zones were safe from attacks from the Axis forces, but the German intelligence had intercepted messages that a large troop transport was in the Red Sea. 6.October two Heinkel 111 planes showed up and 01:30 that night they sank the steamer Thistlegorm. During the raid they had spotted several other ships laying in the different safe zones, and 7.October two Heinkel 111 attacked Rosalie Moller and sank her with two bombs. After second world war many wrecks were raised in the Red Sea, but problems with identifications and lousy paper work on the Egyptian side resulted in that she was classified as "raised". The wreck was later found tho, and today she rest on a depth of 18 to 40 meter west of Gubal Shegir.

Former names:
Rosalie Moller
108.2 x 16,0 x ? m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3966 grt
Glasgow ( UK) 1910 Glasgow ( UK )

27.39.03 N 33.46.17 E

Picture: Rosalie Moller
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