Taiyong C486B


Taiyong C486B was a Jordanian crane barge, bought by the Aqaba port authority in 1974 and used as a platform for off loading cargo from ships arriving Aqaba harbor. Her origin and history is not known, but some claims she was used as a cable layer before she was assigned to harbor duty. An accident where the crane severely damaged her hull made her unworthy of repairs and further service in the late 1990's. Due to her severe damages she was deliberately rigged down and scuttled 31. December 1999. The wreck rest today on her starboard side outside the Japanese Gardens in Aqaba city on a depth of 35 to 56 meter.

Former names:
Taiyong C486B

36,0 x 15,0 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
( ? )
( CH )
Aqaba ( JO )
29°25'44.9"N 34°58'13.1"E

Last updated: November 2020