Tien Hsing

Egypt,Red Sea

The tugboat Tien Hsing, commonly misnamed and known as "Tienstin", disappeared in the deep at Abu Galawa Kibeer, or better known under the English name Fury Shoal, north of Ras Banas in Egypt. Detailed history of this small tugboat seems almost impossible to provide, but we gathered some traces from historical documents. She was built in China in 1935 and extensively used in the Red Sea as a tug boat.She a classic Donald Duck wreck, standing on her keel with a listing towards starboard on a depth of approximately 18 meter. Its believed that the ship sunk under a journey from Suez to Massawa early in October 1943.

Former names:
Tien Hsing

35,0 x ? m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
300 grt
Shanghai (CN ) 1935 ( CN )