South Africa

The tanker Antipolis was built by Harima Zosensho in Aioi in Japan, and was launched in 1959. After nearly two decades of service, she was stricken from the ship lists and marked for scrapping in Taiwan. Under tow from Greece to Taiwan by the Japanese tug Kiyo Marun 2 together with the Romelia, also marked for scrapping, they lost their tow under a gale outisde Cape Town 29.June 1977. Both ship shipwrecked in shallow waters and was grinded down by the roughs seas.
The battered wreck rest in the bay of Oudekraal on a depth of 2 to 15 meter, right next to the Victoria road.

Former names:

208,5 x 28,3 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
24716 grt
Aioi ( JP ) 1959
Piraeus ( GR )

Last updated: December 2020