SAS Gelderland

South Africa

HMS Brayford was laid down in Glasgow in Scotland in 1951 as a Ford class Seaward Defense Boat ( SDB ) for the Royal Navy, and was launched in February 1952. After sea trials and testing she was transferred to the South African navy in August 1954 and renamed to SAS Gelderland. She served for decades and had a straightforward and uneventful career in the navy until early 1988. She was deliberately scuttled 21. December 1988 outside Duiker Point by demolition charges which blew off the bow section. The battered wreck rest today south of Oude Schip and northwest of Duiker Point on a depth of 28 to 35 meter. Also see her sister ship SAS Haerlem, which was sunk as an artificial reef in 1987.

Former names:
P 3105, HMS Brayford
117,2 x 20,0 x 6,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
  120 displ ( std )
Glasgow ( UK ) 1944
( SA )

S 34°02.070’ E 018°18.180
Last updated: January 2021