SATS General Botha

South Africa

HMS Thames was a Mersey class protected cruiser laid down by Pembroke Dockyard in April 1884. She was launched in December 1885 and was commissioned three years later. She was assigned to the Reserve Fleet and converted to a submarine depot ship in 1903. In 1920 she was sold to Mr. Davis in South Africa to operate as a training vessel for Navy cadets and renamed SATS General Botha. After the outbreak of World War Two she was requisitioned by the South African Navy and used as an accommodation vessel. She was in 1947 condemned and stricken from the ship lists and sunk by coastal artillery fire outside Cape Town 13. May 1947. The wreck rest today standing on her keel like a classic Donald Duck wreck on a depth of 45 to 55 meter in False Bay outside Cape Town.

Former names:
SATS General Botha
HMS Thames
200,0 x 46,0 x 20,2 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
4050 displ ( std )
Pembroke ( UK ) 1885
( SA )

34° 13′ 48″ S, 18° 37′ 48″ E

Picture: SATS General Botha in 1925
Courtesy of Sout Africa
Navy Museum

Last updated: February 2021