South Africa

The ocean liner Klipfontein was laid down at Smit Machinefabriek & Scheepswerf in Rotterdam, and was launched in 1939 for the Dutch company Veerinigde Nederlandsche. After the outbreak of world war two, she was taken over by the War Shipping Administration and requisitioned by the US Army. She was used as an armed freighter and troop transport in the Pacific. She survived the war unharmed and was returned to her owners in February 1946. On a journey from Lourenco Marques to Beira loaded with copper,manganese ore and passenger's, she hit ground outside Cape Barra 8. January 1952. She developed a leak and slowly started to sink.. Her valuable cargo of copper was later salvaged by cutting her hull open, and over thousand tons of the valuable cargo was salvaged.  The wreck rest today in two separate parts today on a depth of 35 to 55 meter approx three nautical miles outside Zavora.

Former names:
USAT Klipfontein
520,0 x 62,9 x 33,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
10544 grt
Rotterdam ( NL ) 1939
Hague ( NL )

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