Lica Maersk was laid down at Orenstein & Koppel Werke in Germany, and was launched in 1927 for the company Maersk Line. After decades in service she was sold several times before she ended up in the hands of Praportiani Shipping in 1963. Under a journey from Galatz to Jeddah loaded with wheat, she lost her navigational systems outside Pemba Island and hit ground 25.October 1967. A distress call was sent, and the day after several vessels arrived to assist. Due to her old age and cargo, she was deemed unworthy of saving, and two days later she started to break up on the reef. The wreck was re-located in the 1990's, and her battered remains and the bow rest on the south side of Pemba Island at Panza reef on a depth of approximately 10 to 20 meter.

Former names:
Lica Maersk, Auriga,
Master Komninos
94,1 x 13,4 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2480 grt
L├╝beck ( D ) 1927
Piraeus ( GR )

Last updated: December 2020