HMS Antelope

Falkland Islands,South America

HMS Antelope was sunk by Argentinian airplanes 24.May 1982 under the Falklands war. She had arrived three days earlier and did service as air defense at San Carlos Waters. 23.May she was attacked by four A-4B planes, and she was hit by two bombs that didn't go off. After the battle they worked with disarming the bombs in Ajax Bay when one suddenly went of and ripped open the hull and started several fires. The ship burned all night and the day after she broke in two parts and sank.

Former names:
HMS Antelope
384,0 x 41,8 x 19,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3250 displ
Southampton ( UK ) 1972 ( UK )

Picture: HMS Antelope
Wikipedia, Public domain

Picture: Sonar scan of the wreck
Courtesy of Royal Navy