South Georgia,South America

Sierra Pedrosa was a three masted schooner built by John Reid & Company Ltd in Scotland. She was launched in 1884 and delivered to Sierra Shipping in Liverpool. She changed name and owners a couple of times, before she sailed as Brutus for the Norwegian company Southern Whaling Sealing in Leith. During her career she was involved in several accident, and sunk twice. She was eventually rigged down and towed to Prince Olav harbor in 1919 and used as a coal storage. She lost her moorings in 1934 and shipwrecked for the last time and was abandoned. Her remains rest today inside the Prince Olav harbor, still partly visible at low tide and down to a depth of approximately 8 meters. Also see the iconic wreck of the whale catcher Petrel in Grytviken and James Turpie in Leith harbour.

Former names:
Sierra Pedrosa, Brurus
75,9 x 13,6 x 7,2 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1686 grt
Glasgow ( UK ) 1884
Leith ( UK )

54°03'57.9 S 37°09'25.6 W

Picture: Brutus shipwrecked
Courtesy of Keith Martin

Last updated: December 2020