BZ Camaqua

Brasil,South America

Camaqua was a Carioca class corvette laid down at Arsenal de Marinha do Rio de Janeiro in 1938. She was launched in September 1939, and was commissioned the following year. Brazil who was neutral at the outbreak of world war two, actively joined the war in 1942 and made great contribution to the Allied operations. Escorting a convoy heading for Trinidad, she capsized and sank during a storm outside Recife 21.July 1944. The wreck rest today resting on her starboard side on a depth of 45 to 55 meter, some thirty nautical miles east of Recipe.

Former names:
C 6
187,0 x 23,0 x 6,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
550 displ
Rio de Janeiro ( BR ) 1939
( BR )

07º50 S, 34º29 W
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Picture: Carioca class Corvettes C1 & C2 in 1938
Courtesy of Military Wikia

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