SMS Cap Trafalgar

Brasil,South America

SMS Cap Trafalgar was a German luxury passenger liner built by A.G Vulkan and launched July 1913.
She did not get a long career. At the outbreak of world war one she laid at anchor in Buenos Aires, and was soon refitted as an armed merchantman. 14.September 1914 she got engaged in battle with a similar ship from England, the RMS Carmenia outside Trinidade Brasil. The battle lasted for 70 minutes before Cap Trafalgar saunk in the deep northeast of  Enseada Dos Portugueses. The wreck has not been found.

Former names:
SMS Cap Trafalgar

186,8 x 21,9 x 13,3 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
18710 grt
Hamburg ( D ) 1913 Hamburg ( D )

Picture :Cap Trafalgar
Wikiwand, Public domain