Don Felix

Argentina,South America

In the early 2000's the decision to create some form of a tourist attraction was made, and the idea to the now popular Don Felix Underwater Park was set. The former fishing vessel Don Felix was given the honor to be scuttled as the first artificial reef outside Las Crutas in Patagonia. Not much is known about her origin or history, but according to local divers she was built in Brazil, and operated until the late 1970's by an Argentinian company in Mar Del Plata. She was rigged down and towed out to a location about 2,5 nautical miles outside the beach in Las Crutas, and scuttled 2. November 2007. The wreck rest today on a depth of 18 to 21 meter.

Former names:
Don Felix

19,8 x 5,5 x 3,0 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
125 grt
( BR ) ?
Mar Del Plata ( AR )

Last updated: December 2020