Chile,South America

Itata was a passenger and cargo steamer laid down by R. Ewans & Company in England, and was launched in 1873 for the Chilean company CSAV in Vaparaiso. She changed hands a couple of tines during her career before she sailed for Cia Nacional de Vapores in 1920. She was used as a navy ship under the Chilean civil war in 1891, and was the focus under the Itata Incident between USA and Chile over a dispute over an arms shipment. Under a journey from Valparaiso to Coquimbo with four hundred passengers and general goods, she sailed into a storm and foundered 28. August 1922. Only thirteen people survived the accident. After decades of searching, the wreck was found in 2017 by the Chilean UCN and Oceana. The battered wreck rest today on a depth of  198 to 210 meter outside Coquimbo port.

Former names:

88,4 x 12,2 x 6,0 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
Liverpool ( UK ) 1873
Valparaios ( CL )

Picture: Itata in San Diego Bay
From History of the United States, by E.B Andrews, 1912

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