James Turpie

South Georgia,South America

James Turpie was a a stemahip built by Andrew Leslie & Company in England, and was launched in 1881 for Turpie & Son Company. She was sold seven years later to Port Steamship Company, before she ended up in Norwegian hands and the Southern Whaling & Sealing in 1909. She was rigged down and used as a coal hulk in South Georgia and was moored up in Leith harbor. She sank at the harbor 16. August 1946 and was written off as a total loss. The wreck rest today on a depth of approximately ten meters. Also see the wrecks of Brutus and Petrel.

Former names:
James Turpie

270,8 x 34,7 x 23,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1732 grt
Hebburn ( UK ) 1881
Leith ( UK )

Picture: James Turpie
Dag Einar Winsnes Collection

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