Lady Elizabeth

Falkland Islands,South America

Lady Elizabeth was laid down as an iron barque  by Robert Thompson & Sons in Sunderland, and was launched in 1879 for John Wilson. She changed owners a couple of times, before she ended up sailing for the company Falkland Islands Company in London. Under a journey from Vancouver to Mozambique loaded with wood she hit ground outside Port Stanley 17. February 1936. The ship was firmly stuck and was soon stricken from the ship lists. She was used as a floating storage for decades before she was abandoned in the 1960's. The wreck stand fully visible from shore at Whalebone Cove east of Port Stanley.

Former names:
Lady Elizabeth

223,0 x 35,0 x 21,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1208 grt
Sunderland ( UK ) 1879
London ( UK )

51°41'19.7 S 57°48'13.8 W

Last updated: January 2021