Chile,South America

The paddle steamer Olympian was built in Wilmington in the USA, and was launched in 1883 for the company Oregon Railroad. She was extensively used in British Colombia in Canada and Alaska. On a journey towards the USA's east coast she hit ground 13.March 1906 in Possesion Bay in Chile. She was firmly stuck for a long time and eventually abandoned and forgotten. The broken remains of Olympian is still visible on the beach east of Punta Delgada.

Former names:

80,0 x 22,0 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1419 grt
Wilmington ( US ) 1883
( US )
52°14'51.5"S 69°01'54.7"W

Picture: Olympian in 1890
Courtesy of Washinton Historical Society

Last updated: November 2015