U 513

Brasil,South America

U 513 was a German uboat serving in the Kriegsmarine. She was a class IXC uboat and was built at  Deutche Werft AG in Hamburg and launched 29.October 1941. She was put in 4.Flotille as a training boat in January 1942, and in September the same year as a front boat in 10.Flotille. She was put under command of Kapit√§nleutnant Friedrich Guggenberger 15.May 1943. She sunk six ships and damaged another two in her career and was herself sunk by an American airplane outside Brasil 19.July 1943. The wreck was found in 2011 outside Sao Francisco do Sul on a depth of 130 meter.

Former names:
U 513

76,8 x 6,8 x 4,7 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1120 displ ( Surfaced )
Hamburg ( DE )  1941
( DE )

Picture: U 513 archive photo from
From Smithsonian video on Youtube

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